A case for Apple appeal

NFC Direct are now offering the latest Device Fidelity IPhone cases. These cases at long last give Apple fans access to the NFC technology that is now so widely employed. In retail point of sale, where a tap of phone on an advert can bring up a wealth of information on product usage, manufacture and benefits, together with the facility for purchase using mobile payment. For marketing and information applications, iPhone carriers are no longer left staring at 2D images, like other NFC users they can now be transported to web sites where they will all but experience the real thing. Perhaps top of the list, though, will be the instant peer to peer exchange of information, whether in professional or social encounters; no more lost contacts, no more lost opportunities.

This development will also pave the way for the increased and accelerated deployment of NFC in healthcare and public services, as well as the now widely established private sector applications. Organisations that have, for a long time, been frustrated by Apple’s lack of response to public demand for NFC to be included, will now be able to make their investments knowing that iPhone users will be able to benefit too.

These are intelligent phone cases that have the microNFC module fitted with a secure element, allowing the same functionality as other smart phone platforms. Also available is an extended use model that includes a spare battery for really heavy users - The iCaisse 4X.

With around 300 million iPhone users world-wide, NFC has just found a lot of new friends.