NFC Direct are thrilled to announce that they have been appointed UK distribution partner by FAMOCO, a rapidly growing new venture bringing mass market communications technology to NFC applications.

Just launched in the UK is the FX100 Series reader, a dedicated android reader at a fraction of the cost of a smart phone but with far more functionality than a simple contactless card. The FX100 has a touch screen, GSM capability and a dedicated secure element. This is a fantastic development for organisations that want to keep total control of usage and content, with readers programmed via a central cloud-based management system and updated individually or in groups.

Deploying these readers will greatly speed up the processing of multiple transactions, such as providing ‘cash’ top-ups for purchasing small items such as food and drink; managing business processes, and loyalty schemes. They will become a common sight too in public service settings, such as healthcare and the police, where their dedicated technology is ideal for asset management and record retrieval, as part of e-government initiatives.

NFC Direct welcome enquiries from all potential NFC users and will be happy to discuss the benefits the FAMOCO FX100 Series can bring, and describe how simply they can be integrated into your existing system.

NFC Direct have also launched the FX100 Starter Kit containing everything a system developer needs to create and test the applications that this new technology will enable.