NFC ConsumersYou can't see it or hear it, but all around us Near Field Communication (NFC) is interacting with consumers in an increasingly engaged world.

It was only a few years ago that marketing campaigns were focused on hopefully pushing pieces of paper into the hands of passers by. There is still a lot to be said for direct marketing, but we have come such a long way in terms of how we can facilitate instant exposure to a product or service, thanks to NFC and Contactless technology.

Revolutionising the shopping experience

While some retailers have been slow to catch on, others who have embraced NFC have been able to produce some stunning results from campaigns designed to transform the in store experience for customers. Take the fashion label Burberry, for instance. Using some simple NFC clothing tags, they have been able to turn their changing rooms into 'mini cinemas'. Tags on garments trigger a film to be played in the changing room mirror, showing the customer how the clothing has been made and featuring catwalk imagery.

On the menu for restaurants

In the world of hospitality, NFC has given a number of new tools to restaurants large and small. Everyone from McDonald's to Starbucks accepts mobile payments, making nipping in and out for a quick burger or coffee even simpler thanks to NFC, which enables payments at the Contactless swipe of a smart phone or tablet. Then there are loyalty schemes, which are seeing an end to the outdated, 'stamp on a card' method. Now, all it takes is a quick swipe, and a customer can register their purchase.

Putting the 'oomph' in advertising

With the ability to link a viewer directly to a website, social media account, or promotion page, NFC has changed the face of display and print advertising. Take one of Lexus's print advertising campaigns. The Japanese car manufacturer allowed readers of magazines instant access to a demo of its Lexus GS, simply by swiping their handset. Why stay within the restrictions of print, when you can offer a reader so much more interaction and engagement?

There has never been a more exciting time for NFC, and its ability to increase interaction. Contact us today to discover how we can help you get closer to your consumers.