Let’s all get trigger happy

No, not an invitation to go pheasant shooting or vote for the American gun lobby but an opportunity to explore just how creative we can be with our NFC enabled phones. This time we’re not looking at how this great technology can be used in the working environment, but how we can use to literally trigger things to happen at home, in the car or when we’re out and about having fun, or simply just interacting with life.

Now first thing in the morning, do you have trouble getting up? One of our customers keeps an NFC tag programmed to turn off the alarm once he’s in the shower room; if he’s not in the right room, he can’t turn the alarm off – no dozing off again for him!

How about the other end of the day. Tap the NFC enabled lock to trigger the door locks with your phone and in you go, tapping as you pass the NFC tag programmed to trigger the Wi-Fi, which, of course, triggers the TV schedules on to your phone so that you can watch something mindless while you get changed and shed off the day’s bruises. We haven’t quite mastered how to get NFC to trigger the pouring of a large Scotch or glass of Merlot but be assured we’re working on it.

The car’s got some great NFC opportunities too. How about a tag that triggers your music as soon as you get in the car; perhaps some hard rock to get the adrenalin running, or some softer classics if the Scotch or Merlot are extracting revenge. So that you don’t get distracted, even if you’ve got hands-free, use a tag to trigger an app to take incoming calls and respond to texts with a holding message. 

Because you can use a tag to trigger changes to the settings on your phone; how about a tag on your bag; one tap triggers what you want on during the working day; another tap triggers what you want on for the journey home and then for the evening; it just saves so much fiddling about.

At last it’s the week-end; time to forget about NFC? Not a bit of it. Are you a golfer? By attaching NFC tags to each club, linked to a gismo that contains GPS, motion sensors and Bluetooth will trigger an app that stores all those essential bits of info like shot distance, fairway accuracy and club by club performance.

If it’s about transferring data or making something happen electronically then NFC potentially can pull the trigger that starts the process. Car makers are already starting to look at the potential of NFC; can you imagine getting into a car and tapping the NFC tag and immediately the seat settings, the mirrors and, of course, the in-car entertainment, communications and sat nav are immediately loaded with your preferences – it really isn’t that far away.

So, let’s aim high and start making our phones do more of the work, if we can tap into this brilliant technology we might even trigger an NFC revolution.

You can now download the 'Trigger' app on Google Play for free and encode your own NFC Tags to get some of the functions above.

You will find some of our NFC Tags below.