Business cards are the cornerstone of industry, with many of us carrying around cards for networking purposes which can come at considerable expense. But now there is a modern solution. Business cards that incorporate near field communication (NFC), that is business cards inserted with a microchip.

This chip enables you to extract information from a business card quickly and efficiently. Much in the same way that employee badges in some companies work this is how NFC business cards also operate; the NFC tag in your card can hold all your business information. This tag allows information to be exchanged on to a smart phone or tablet, simply by tapping your NFC card to the device. 

NFC cards can place details into an address book automatically; NFC tags also have the capability to send the contact to a personalized web page with more information about their work such as Linkedin. It can also link directly to your own website; you can make the most of NFC cards by ensuring that you have a landing page on your website which is specifically designed for new clients and that can lisn't your accomplishments to date. 

The NFC card also gives you the option to link to your social media footprint on the web, you can specify if you want your NFC card to link up to Twitter or Facebook.

Another clever feature of the NFC business card is that it will guide people to the location of your business with the aid of Google maps including directions on how to get there.

All these features hold clear technological benefits over the traditional business card, but there are more. Once you’ve chosen what you want printed on a standard business card it can’t be edited once printed. Not so with NFC cards which can be edited in your online area, even after you have transferred your information onto a smart-phone or tablet.

It isn’t only the contact information you can edit either, the chip has the ability for you to integrate new multimedia content daily whether that be a new blog post or video effectively acting as an area for your work which you can share with clients and business partners.

NFC cards have the added benefit of being environmentally friendly, in a time when more and more businesses are looking for eco-friendly ways to push their companies forward; NFC cards have the obvious advantage of reducing a company’s carbon footprint.

There is no need to download any apps to make use of NFC technology, one of its best features is how simple and straightforward it is to use. It needs only an NFC equipped smart-phone or tablet and a working Internet connection. Then it works by simply tapping an NFC business card to the device. For those with older smart-phones or tablets, you can avail of the same benefits by scanning the QR code on the back of NFC cards with your camera.