vMuch more than just a vCard

It’s hard to believe that, just a few short years ago, business people would go to an event and there they would meet with other business people. After the traditional ‘handshake’ they would then exchange small cards that would be printed with their name, company, address and sometimes (yes – seriously!) just one telephone number. They would put these cards in their pocket and, when they got back to their office they would either put them in a box; in the waste paper bin or, very rarely, remember whose card it was and phone them.

Today’s serious business people know that, if you haven’t got an NFC enabled business card, you might just as well hand out a blank piece of card for all the chance you have of being contacted.

NFC Direct business cards are incredible, not only do they carry all of your contact details and photo but they also provide a direct link to your website, links through to your social networks, promotional materials and direct access to audio and video files.

When you meet a new contact with an NFC enabled smart phone the only thing you’re going to exchange is your information; simply ‘tap’ your NFC Direct business card against their phone and it’s done, you’re loaded into their contacts, with direct access to your website and, from that moment on, ready to do business. Just imagine how many more contacts you can make at an event using NFC Direct’s ‘interacting with life’ technology, than you would using the old ways; not just more contacts but much better quality contacts too.

Now, maybe we’ve already said enough to get you blazing a virtual path to NFC Direct’s door but actually we haven’t even mentioned the best bits. Once you’ve decided on NFC Direct business cards you can also subscribe to our Online Profile service.

This really is the icing on the cake; a back-office installation that allows you full management of the activities of your employees. Track how many phones their business card has ‘tapped’, build statistics on how well those contacts translate into genuine enquiries and firm orders; in other words, get some real time control over the front end of the sales funnel as well as the back end when many opportunities may already have been squandered. With Online Profiling you can compare the performance of all your market makers, spot the best ones and help to spread their best practice to the others. 

This is a really powerful tool that no modern business dare be without; add to that the ability to update the business cards of all your people instantly; with new contact details, new opportunities, new offers, and you are going to save yourself a small fortune in admin and printing costs too.

At NFC Direct we recognise that not everyone needs that level of sophistication so we offer two levels of Online Profile. The Networker Pro gives you all of the functionality and analytics mentioned above, together with the option to simply send through a spreadsheet and we will do the analysis for you. 

For the self-employed or very small business networkers we offer the Networker Lite service; the opportunity to get your message across quickly and professionally. The range of professions moving to this technology is growing fast, with doctors, accountants, lawyers and even, from last week, one gym instructor, realising that the benefits are just too good to ignore.

Because this is a new technology, you early adopters gain the added kudos of appearing to be leaders rather than eventual followers of exciting developments. Many contacts will still be amazed when you ask to ‘tap’ their phone and by the time you’ve explained it, you will already have created a bond with them that will probably lead to business.

The NFC Direct business cards themselves are available in long lasting PVC or traditional card. As you might expect, we are able to offer quantity discounts on both business cards and online profiles. For each profile additional business cards are available as required.

Now, let’s face facts. There are still a good number of laggards out there who may not have upgraded to an NFC enabled smart phone; there may still be some who are still going to events laden down with an optimistic several hundred business cards. At NFC Direct we’ve covered that one for you and we can also provide you with an emergency set of NFC enabled business cards that you actually give away; all the same valuable information just without the benefit of the phone ‘tap’, if you’ll forgive the topical pun.

You’re bound to want to know more and, at NFC Direct, we’re never more than a ‘click’ or a ‘tap’ away.