Estate Agent NFCIt might be said that the savvy estate agent knows how to get the right information, to the right people, at the right time. For the busy professionals in the real estate sector, NFC has become a saviour, opening up new avenues to buyers, and ultimately having a positive impact on the bottom line.

So how is NFC technology changing how property is sold? Let's have a closer look.

Smart Signs

'For sale' signs function on the front line of the property market, notifying buyers when a house or flat is put up for sale or rent. They have now been given a new lease of life thanks to NFC technology - a simple chip can allow passers by to swipe their smart phone and be directed to information pertaining to the property, and even a guided virtual tour. No need to try and peep through the curtains!

Smart Posters

The 'shop window' of an estate agents is typically the focus of wistful gazing from passers by who are pondering their next property move. Now advertised addresses can be included on 'smart posters' through which NFC can provide extra information, videos and contact information for viewings.

Agent Business Card

An NFC business card handed out by an estate agent can now do so much more than simply display an email address and phone number, thanks to NFC. With a Contactless swipe of their device, recipients can be directed to a profile of the agent themselves, and see a selection of properties with detailed information relating to them.

It's all in the keyrings

UK estate agents have tapped into the potential of NFC enabled keyrings, with agents being handed a branded, NFC enabled keyring for each property. This allows potential buyers or tenants being taken for a tour to download photos, floor plans and more in an instant, giving them all the information they need to make a decision before they even leave the property. It can mean an end to viewers frantically taking photos of each room in a bid to remember the layout of a property.

In a busy, competitive sector such as real estate in which businesses live and die by conversions, NFC can make all the difference.

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