NFC Permanent Adhesive StickersIn the industrial and consumer world, there is little room for error. The stock taking procedures, plant management policies and marketing opportunities at warehouses, factories and even in peoples homes need to be conducted with the utmost care and produce results of unfaltering accuracy.

For this reason, Near Field Communication (NFC) has really helped since it has emerged, allowing stock and machinery to be tracked and advertise products with a greater degree of effectiveness than ever before. All it takes is an NFC tag, and a site manager or marketing company to know exactly which items are where at any given time or that customers are interacting with there service, even if they aren't present at the location itself.

But where extra permanent ahesive is required, how do we make sure that NFC technology can continue to support day to day operations without interruption? The answer lies in our Permanent Adhesive NFC Labels, which allows the benefits of Contactless technology to be enjoyed from a small NFC tag, without the risk of it being removed or coming apart.

We have had some great feedback from customers who are reaping the benefits of Permanent Adhesive NFC Labels, which cannot be easily removed from objects such as microwaves and washing machines. The peace of mind that comes with knowing these NFC tags cannot be easily removed is valued by site managers and marketers, who want to get on with their jobs safe in the knowledge that their ability to manage items effectively is not subject to disruption.

While some customers desire Permanent Adhesive NFC Labels already printed according to their specifications, others have their own printing arrangements in place, and at NFC Direct, we are happy to accommodate both requirements. Within a short lead time, companies are able to exert much tighter controls over their operational procedures thanks to the accurate picture which Permanent Adhesive NFC Labels can provide, of both stock and plant movements.

We can offer the labels in all types of NFC chips including NTAG21x Family, Ultralight EV1 to the DESFire and Mifare Classic varieties. Each type is designed to be applied to an object with the greatest of ease, and removed with the greatest of difficulty! It is amazing how NFC is changing the way our customers work and significantly enhancing their operations.