NFC Apps

There has never been a broader variety of specialised NFC apps available, giving users an easy way to reap the benefits of NFC technology in fields from product tagging to supply chain management. At NFC Direct we go one step further, offering you a custom build service which tailors NFC apps to your particular needs.

NFC Solutions and Custom Built Apps

NFC Solutions and Custom Built Apps can revolutionise communications within your organisation, designed to fit your specific needs and freeing your work force from time consuming and error producing tasks such as hard copy communication and manual recording. There really is no limit to what you can achieve with NFC technology, aside from the most typical uses such as scanning QR codes, barcodes, NFC tags and location identification.

Endless Possibilities

We can show you ways your unique app can facilitate electronic signature capture, store voice memos and provide free information transfer within devices. When it comes to who has access, we put you in control of exactly who the authorised users of your app will be, and linking to an existing cloud storage - including an option for direct upload - isn't a problem.

Manage Smarter

Since computers were invented, business management has not seen a tool capable of enhancing work processes as effectively as NFC technology. In the modern day, smart business is all about consolidating your resources to add value, and custom NFC apps do such a great job of saving you time and money - they ultimately deliver a positive impact on the bottom line.

Construction NFC App

Consumer Apps

There are also personal NFC app options available on Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Wherever you are, you can launch applications, encode your own NFC tags and update phone settings – just a couple of the new opportunities from the growing family of NFC apps for consumer use. You can download them via your smartphone, see below:

People on Android can download:


This app gets behind the technical detail in the NFC tag; with a single scan developers get straight to information such as IC type, full memory layout, NFC data set and type.

NXP Tagwriter

From NXP, this is the most powerful tag encoder on the market today for web address coding, text, call actions and more. A quick switch from UI to Advanced Features in the preferences menu will give you even more encoding options.

Puzzle Alarm Clock

For those who like a challenge first thing, this app can be programmed with different alarm sound, random puzzles and a host of options to get you started.

For Windows Phone owners:

NFC Launchit

System settings such as Bluetooth and WiFi can be launched with a single tap, as can your range of apps. Categorised into systems apps or popular apps, this useful tool can also access over one hundred apps available from the Windows Store.

NFC Interactor

For developers or just real enthusiasts, this encoding app includes URLs, SMS, email and social networks. If you’re looking for advanced feature this will allow you to view NDEF data and multi-record messaging.

For Apple Iphone users:

NFC Ideas

NFC Ideas

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