Enlighten Smart Poster

Enlighten Smart Poster



Marketers, retailers and information providers, we introduce the highly versatile Enlighten Smart Poster frames and Enlighten Touchpoints.

(Also with the option to incorporate NFC Directs TapThat service)

Please send your enquiries to: info@nfcdirect.co.uk

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Product Information

Each Enlighten frame is manufactured from strong but sustainable materials and uses embedded rare-earth magnets for closure and security. The lockable edge to edge acrylic face that has both the look and feel of glass but at a fraction of the weight. At just 18mm in thickness the frame sits flush to the wall or can be suspended from the ceiling for maximum visibility for the flow of traffic.

The smart posters are available as either non-illuminated or illuminated for dynamic media back lighting, powered by a low voltage energy source delivering ultra-bright LED light and warranted for a life of 50,000 hours, qualifying for Enhanced Capital Allowance. So more customers and a lower tax bill!

One major and patented innovation is the novel ability of the frame to detect unauthorised posters and NFC tags; anyone trying to affix rival or rogues poster tags will find themselves subject to an interesting flashing light show to warn the rightful owner.

All Enlighten smart frames are available in standard black or white, but for added impact, alternative mounting card colours are optionally available to match brand or campaign requirements.

The frames are designed to accommodate standard poster sizes in the following dimensions:
              Model Outer Size (mm)            Visible Display (mm)
A1                 724 x 1036                               584 x 831
A2                 550 x 780                                 410 x 584
A3                 408 x 551                                 287 x 410
A4                 280 x 397                                 200 x 287
A5                 218 x 310                                 138 x 200
All models can be used as either portrait or landscape

Pricing includes the poster frame, full colour custom printed poster and encoding.

Artwork requirements
We require your artwork to be in a vector based file format such as .ai .pdf or .eps.
If a vector file is not available the artwork should ideally have a resolution of 300dpi or more. All text must be converted to outlines or curves.
The graphic files must be saved in CMYK mode to prevent colour shifts.

A powerful option from NFC Direct is the addition of their exclusive TapThat service, providing you with a mobile web application that would include all the information you want to be available to customers.

This could include:
• Promotional games and competitions;
• Your company’s App;
• Details of special offers or promotions;
• Information about your products (e.g. restaurant menu, recipes, prices, deals, colour options);
• Video and audio downloads;
• Relevant information (e.g. store locations, opening hours, contact information);
• Voucher collection and redemption;
• Loyalty programmes.

In addition you get access to the valuable TapThat management and monitoring tools including:
• How many times your NFC tags have been tapped;
• Which locations received how many taps;
• Which types of phones were used to tap;
• How many taps led to follow up calls or contacts;
• What times of day yielded most taps;
• Which loyalty programmes are most effective at producing repeat business.

Enlighten Touchpoint
For venues that cannot accommodate the smart frame we can offer the Enlighten Touchpoint, measuring just 60mm by 120mm and only 3mm in thickness, but still able to offer the TapThat option.

Enlighten; products for the NFC enlightened.

“We are Contactless technology specialists supplying the World with NFC: the power of Contactless”