HF Smart I-Disc Tag

HF Smart I-Disc Tag



Tag suitable for use in high demand industrial environments.

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    In a range of industrial environments which pose high temperatures and mechanical stresses, the benefits of High Frequency technology are still attainable thanks to the HF Smart I-Disc Tag. Using the NXP ICODE SLIX chip, the HF Smart I-Disc Tag offers gamma ray resistance, as well as a larger memory size.

    The HF Smart I-Disc Tag lends itself to item identification in tough industrial settings, such as cleaning processes for items which use hot water, as well as a number of medical applications. Its robustness is bolstered by a specific modified thermoplastic, and the polyamide and reinforced fibreglass from which it is manufactured means it can withstand water immersion for long periods. Thanks to an anti-collision feature, the HF Smart I-Disc Tag allows several tags to be read concurrently.

    Integrated Circuit (IC): NXP ICODE SLIX

    Dimension: 20mm / 30mm / 50mm

    Material: Polyamide with glass fiber

    Operational Temperature: -35 to 85°C

    Storage Temperature: -35 to 100°C

    **Please note: The ICODE SLIX / ICODE SLIX 2 HF Tags are not suitable for NFC Marketing or any consumer facing NFC applications.**

    For more information on the ICODE SLIX & ICODE SLIX 2 chips please click here


    Usable Memory           896 Bit memory


    Usable Memory           2528 Bit memory


    • Medical Applications
    • Pallet Identification
    • Warehouse Management


    • Waterproof.
    • Resistant to gamma radiation.
    • Stable to high thermal and mechanical stress.
    • Anti-collision feature: several tags can be read at the same time.

    International Standards

    • ISO 15693
    • ISO 18000-3
    • IP67


    Please send your enquiries for this product to info@nfcdirect.co.uk


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