LF Smart Glass Tag - Microchip Implant

LF Smart Glass Tag - Microchip Implant



Enabling animal identification for a number of purposes using secure RFID technology.

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    Product Information

    Valuable for its uses in agriculture for livestock identification, as well as with domestic pets and even pigeon racing, the Low Frequency (LF) Smart Glass Tag provides users with a solution for secure and flexible RFID tagging.

    Data rates through an OTP microchip are entirely programmable and configurable in EEPROM, while access to these read and write functions can be protected with a secure 32-bt password. The LF Smart Glass Tag is a glass transponder which provides uses for a wide range of applications thanks to its option of 'Read' or 'Read/Write' modes.

    The manufacturing process for the LF Smart Glass Tag involves the use of biocompatible glass. This is a German-made product which has undergone rigorous testing under a variety of electrical and mechanical parameters.

    Integrated Circuit (IC): EM 4305 OTP / Atmel ATA5575 OTP / NXP HTS256 OTP / NXP HTS2048 OTP / SIC 7999 HDX /

    Operating Frequency: 125 kHz / 134.2 kHz

    Dimension: 1.41 x 8.3mm / 1.41 x 10mm / 2.12 x 8.8mm / 2.12 x 12mm / 3.15 x 13.3mm / 3.85 x 23mm / 3.85 x 32mm

    Material: Biocompatible glass

    Operational Temperature: -25 to 85°C


    • Pet Identification
    • Pigeon race
    • Livestock Identification
      (bolus+ ear tag)
    • Fish Identification
    • Identification of laboratory animals (mice)


    • Flexible solution
    • Available in several sizes and frequencies
    • Write-protectable memory
    • Unique ID
    • Password protected operations
    • Resistant to most chemicals
    • Immersion IP68
    • Direct bonding

    International Standards

    • ISO11784/85
    • FDX-A
    • FDX-B
    • HDX

    Intrace Syringe & Intrace Cannula

    Two ways of enabling animal identification through RFID implanting systems:

    Intrace syringe

    The Intrace Syringe is a budget-friendly solution for animal identification by electronic means using RFID. It is effective in tagging pets such as fish, reptiles and birds, as well as laboratory or zoo animals.

    The Intrace Syringe meets with standards ISO 11784 and 11785. It is designed for precision, guaranteeing a quick application which seeks to minimise stress on the animal, and is intended for one time use.

    Users of the Intrace Syringe - which is a German manufactured product that uses biocompatible glass - have three options when it comes to transponder sizes. It is also available with a coating made from parylene, which allows the glass tag to be stabilised once it has entered beneath the animal's skin. Intrace Syringe packages offer labels which are customised, carrying barcodes which support a more efficient registration process.


    Intrace Cannula

    The Intrace Cannula offers a high level of precision in implanting systems for the purpose of animal identification. It can be used as a budget-friendly solution with domestic pets, cattle, horses, birds, sheep, fish and zoo or laboratory animals.

    Included in the Intrace Cannula package are three components, along with a pre-installed glass tag. Barcoded stickers for registration are included with this German-made product. The Intrace Cannula can carry a country or manufacturer code chosen by the user.

    Injection is simplified by the Intrace Cannula, which is made from stainless steel and possesses a facet cut designed to minimise animal stress. The needle tip contains a small silicon dot which prevents the drop out of the transponder from either end of the tool.



    Please send your enquiries for this product to info@nfcdirect.co.uk


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