Kiroco NFC Keyring

Kiroco NFC Keyring



This slick Kiroco NFC Keyring is a high-end quality promotional accessory perfect for a memorable gift to your clients.

For more information on how to enquire for this product please see below under 'Terms of Purchase and Order Information'.

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    Product Information

    These rhodium enamel disc NFC Keyrings make for the ideal accessory, giving you and your clients all the advantages of NFC technology on the go. The ultimate combination of style and functionality opening up a world of possibilities, including promotional material, instant downloads, and client interaction.

    Terms of Purchase and Order Information

    Terms of Purchase:

    • All of the NFC Keyrings come complete with the 'K' (Kiroco) logo on the back of the product. Bespoke branded logo designs can be included for an additional cost, and size restrictions will apply.
    • Orders for NFC Keyrings are subject to a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 1,000 units, with a minimum of 200 per individual type and colour.
    • The lead time for NFC Keyrings is around 7-8 weeks, with 10-12 weeks for NFC Keyrings requiring bespoke branded logo designs.
    • If you require a bespoke branded logo design on the NFC Keyrings, please contact us and detail your requirements.

    Order Infromation:

    To enquire or to place an order, give us a call or email us at, or alternatively contact us on Skype at


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    “We are Contactless technology specialists supplying the World with NFC: the power of Contactless”