Apple makes important step on its NFC journey

Apple IOS 11Near Field Communications (NFC) technology has moved forward at a stunning rate over the past few years - now giving us new possibilities and improved ways to do things in everything from consumer marketing to industrial operations. But while the technology has grown, and continues to grow, at a phenomenal pace, some areas of technology have shown resistance to the NFC revolution.

Picking up pace: NFC innovations fuelling rapid growth

GrowthTechnological one trick ponies can reach their sell by date very quickly, and that's when we start to see a dip in production and usage as the world moves onto the next big thing. But a technology like Near Field Communication (NFC), which is underpinned by its ability to create an ever-increasing number of innovations, is perhaps as 'future proofed' as is realistically possible.

The NFC Real Estate Revolution

Estate AgentIt might be said that the savvy estate agent knows how to get the right information, to the right people, at the right time. For the busy professionals in the real estate sector, NFC has become a saviour, opening up new avenues to buyers, and ultimately having a positive impact on the bottom line.

What's hot and what's not? Our table tells you every NFC Enabled handset

SmartphoneIt is anticipated that the number of NFC Enabled Android smartphone shipments will hit 1.2 billion by the year 2018. Coupled with Apple's recent confirmation that NFC will be enabled on devices including the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, that adds up to a huge share of handsets around the world which possess an NFC function.

How NFC is interacting with consumers

How NFC is interacting with consumersYou can't see it or hear it, but all around us Near Field Communication (NFC) is interacting with consumers in an increasingly engaged world.

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