How NFC is being used in Social Care in the UK

Social CareSocial care is a huge part of looking after a nation of 65 million people, and it will become more important. Currently, there are half a million more people over the age of 75 than there were in 2010, and that it set to grow to a total of two million more in ten years time.

NFC Business Cards explained

NFC Business CardsBusiness cards have long been a tried and trusted networking tool, allowing us to provide our key details in a convenient and eye-catching way. There is no need to scribble down emails, or frantically tap numbers into a phone, especially in busy or time pressured situations. But what if a new generation of business cards came along which offered all the benefits of their predecessors, plus an infinite amount of content?

Who we supply to

Shopping CentreMichelin recently announced it will use the same contactless RFID (radio frequency identification) technology which NFC utilises, in its tyres. The technology will allow the company to track data from tyres in its commercial fleet, giving its clients the chance to understand the lifecycle of tyre casings better, and make more educated buying decisions.

NFC has wised up - how commercial uses have helped develop the technology

Warehouse managementNear Field Communication (NFC) is not a behind the scenes technology. It is very much a hands on innovation, which takes up a position on the front line of modern sales. For this reason, every time we design a product range, we need to take into consideration the practicalities which come with relying on a small tag in the form of a sticker, card or otherwise, to do the job.

How NFC has moved to mass production and how we have rose to the challenge

NFC Printed TagsIn most forms of marketing or sales, if you have found a way to target potential customers effectively, you want to ensure your business has the capacity to exploit that channel to the best of its ability. Perhaps surprisingly for a technology which makes things so simple, in the early days of Near Field Communication (NFC), the manufacturing technique for NFC tags which are custom branded was seen as complex; barring the way to large scale production and wider use in the business world.

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