xPad NFC Reader



An NFC contactless reader with integrated user display and keypad, offering high security and fully customisable user interaction.

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    Product Information

    The GemTAG xPad is an NFC reader and writer with its own integral display and keypad. By enabling PIN entry, this device is an ideal solution for contactless payments, access control and other applications where security and identification are critical. The reader is widely compliant with the most popular contactless communication protocols, including DESFire, Mifare and FeliCa, and benefits from HID plug-and-play functionality via USB across multiple operating systems, including Windows.

    The 15 button keypad of the GemTAG xPad is robust and ergonomic, creating a reassuring and comfortable user experience – whilst the clear, two-line display offers the possibility of customisable and personalised messages. Combined, these features provide for slick user interaction, such as two-factor authentication and option selection. The GemTAG xPad supports the G2K API, giving developers complete control over the device, and making it easy to develop novel, customised and complex contactless solutions.

    Technical Data

    • Contactless smart card reader/writer
    • NFC ISO 18092, ISO 14443 (Type A and Type B) compliant
    • Compatible with all popular card standards including Mifare, DESFire and FeliCa
    • USB connectivity
    • Proprietary G2K API for custom development
    • Allows two-factor authentication
    • Ergonomic case with 15-button keypad, 2-line display, beeper
    • UK manufacturing and support


    If you require an SDK please contact us at info@nfcdirect.co.uk


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