Gemini 2000 API SDK

Gemini 2000 API SDK


A comprehensive kit to start developing and testing custom Contactless NFC solutions, making it easy to integrate them with existing systems. Includes a choice of smartcard reader.

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    Gemini 2000 API SDK provides everything you will need to start designing, developing, testing and implementing your own custom Contactless NFC applications, and integrating them with your existing systems. Included in the product price is a high quality smartcard reader of your choice: opt for the Orbit SAM, ORBIT Classic or xPAd.

    The heart of the product is the GemTAG SDK CD, which includes a comprehensive collection of libraries and development tools, along with helpful code samples, extensive guides and documentation. The CD contains the GemTAG API for Windows, Linux and Mac OS – plus the G2K Java API for cross-platform development. Also included on the CD are API testing tools, a helpful development guide, and useful tools for reading and monitoring the contents of smartcards. Along with your choice of reader, the pack also includes three blank Mifare 1K smartcards.


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