KP5 4G NFC Rugged Phone

KP5 4G NFC Rugged Phone



A 5 inch rugged phone-tablet hybrid with exceptional durability and packed with features.

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    Product Information

    A rugged mobile phone with an impressive 5” display, the KP5 offers the best of both worlds. Why impose both a Contactless tablet and phone on your field operatives, when the KP5 is tough and durable enough to fulfil both roles? The IP-68 certification of this impressive device renders it impervious to even the harshest of working environments – including dust, water, vibrations, drops and extremes of temperature. From warehouses to workshops, out in the field or on the shop floor, the KP5 will just keep going.

    The KP5 boasts an impressive quad core processor to run your custom Contactless apps at lightning speed. This is a device packed full of features, including dual SIM capability and an 8MP autofocus rear camera with LED flash.

    Technical Data

    • Android 4.4.2

    • Waterproof and Tough

    • Magnetic Clasp Charging

    • IP67 ruggedized Android 4.4.2and drop tested

    • Dual-SIM 

    • Slim design <14mm


    “We are Contactless technology specialists supplying the World with NFC: the power of Contactless”