Workplace NFC Sample Pack

Workplace NFC Sample Pack



Our 8 item Workplace NFC sample pack is a great way to test the different types of Commercial Tags for your NFC system(s).


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NFC Apps

There are a number of NFC Apps on the market for you to test with your NFC sample pack. To take a look at our list please click Here

Product Information

This Workplace NFC sample pack contains 8 different products:

      • 1 x NTAG213 Adhesive NFC Patch Tag
      • 1 x NTAG213 Industrial NFC Tag
      • 1 x NTAG213 ABS NFC Tag
      • 1 x Ultralight EV1 Epoxy On Metal NFC Tag
      • 1 x Ultralight C PVC Stick Tag
      • 1 x Ultralight C ABS Tag
      • 1 x Ultralight C Tamper Proof Label 
      • 1 x 1K GF NFC Stick Tag

Technical Data

Scan Strength                        Various

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