NFC Keyfob Sample Pack

NFC Keyfob Sample Pack



Our 10 item NFC Keyfob sample pack is a great way to test which NFC Keyfob is most suitable for your NFC application/project.

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    NFC Apps

    There are a number of NFC Apps on the market for you to test with your NFC sample pack. To take a look at our list please click Here

    Product Information

    This NFC Keyfob sample pack contains 7 different products:

        • 3 x NTAG213 Overmolded Pear Keyfob (Yellow, White, Blue)
        • 2 x NTAG213 Epoxy Keyfob (Mini & Slender)
        • 1 x NTAG213 Stocky Keyfob
        • 1 x NTAG203 Tear Keyfob
        • 1 x NTAG203 Vessel Keyfob
        • 1 x NTAG203 Droplet Keyfob
        • 1 x 1K Domino Keyfob

    Technical Data

    Scan Strength                        Various


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