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Asset Location Manager is a versatile, efficient app suitable for a wide range of asset logging, tracking and inventory management.

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    The App

    The Asset Location Manager app provides a quick and straightforward way of keeping track of assets across multiple locations, such as shipping containers, warehouses and local facilities. It provides the perfect basis for an efficient inventory management system, letting you check your stock, locate individual items and assess current storage capacity in an instant. The rich dataset the app produces can also be harnessed for more detailed analysis and reports.

    NFC tags are used to identify individual assets (QR codes and barcodes are also supported). Where available, the app also harnesses GPS data to automatically record and validate specific asset locations. The app will also record items such as device serial number, login ID, time and user comments, to produce a detailed audit trail. The collected data can easily be accessed to provide a real-time overview of asset movements, inventory control, working time accounting and more.

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