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Bus Transportation is a specialised app for efficiently tracking bus entries and exits at an individual level in real-time, as well as providing useful passenger statistics for later analysis.

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    The App

    The Bus Transportation app reads each user’s contactless smartcard as they board or alight a bus. Each passenger’s last recorded location can be quickly retrieved, and because it is constantly synchronised, data can be accessed both at a centralised location and by each vehicle’s driver. This level of real-time monitoring makes it the ideal system for meeting your extended duty of care when transporting children, the disabled and other vulnerable groups.

    NFC Smartcards can be registered directly via the app, making it simple to add new passengers when required. Where available, GPS data is also incorporated to enhance the real-time tracking capabilities of the app. The resultant dataset can be harnessed for a variety of uses – from locating individuals and tracking missing persons, to managing drivers’ working hours and calculating mileage and overall passenger numbers.



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