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Chemical Plant Attendance is a specialised app providing vital real-time monitoring, control and analysis of staff in and visitors to sensitive and high-risk industrial environments.

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    The App

    The Chemical Plant Attendance app greatly enhances the safe and efficient management of sensitive industrial facilities. It provides instant occupancy reports, access control and user-level monitoring data which can be used for timesheet and payroll processing, as well as vital safety and security management.

    Users – which could include workers, managers and even visitors – tap their personal contactless smartcards on entry and exit, and the app records a timestamp as well as the user’s identification and location data, creating a complete picture of who has arrived and departed throughout the day. Multiple entrances, exits and site locations are supported, enabling a single system to be used across numerous chemical plants and buildings. In the event of an emergency situation, a list of current occupants for each location can be quickly and easily retrieved from any mobile device. It’s simple to register new users, locations and plants.



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