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Construction Site Attendance - NFC App



Construction Site Attendance is a useful, fully-featured app that’s tailor-made to monitor, control and manage workers’ attendance at construction sites.

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    The App

    The Construction Site Attendance app provides a robust and reliable system of monitoring staff and managing safety and security functions – as well as responding to emergency situations – at building sites and other industrial locations.

    Every worker, employee, contractor or visitor uses a contactless smartcard or NFC-enabled mobile device to tap in and out of the site. The system records the user’s unique identification and accurate timestamp, along with location data to build a complete record of site attendance, which is instantly and continuously synchronised with a cloud-based database. Multiple entrances and exits are supported.

    The app makes it easy for managers to check each individual’s working time on site for payroll and billing purposes. It’s also simple to produce – via any mobile device – a complete list of site occupancy at any given time. This can prove critically important in an evacuation or other emergency situation.

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