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Electric Meter Reading is an app that harnesses contactless technology to make meter readings more accurate and reliable.

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    The App

    The Electric Meter Reading app is a deceptively simple but incredibly useful system for improving the accuracy and reliability of meter readings. Each meter is given its own unique NFC tag, which the employee scans with their FX100 or other contactless reader. By recording the tag’s data and matching it to its location, the possibility of human error in misidentifying a meter’s serial number is completely eliminated.

    The app also requires the employee to enter the meter reading twice for verification, and automatically calculates and displays the difference in value from the previous reading – improving accuracy and helping the employee to identify and correct any issues immediately.

    The meter ID, current reading, timestamp and employee details are all recorded by the app and synchronised with the central system. This makes it easy for the dataset to be automatically processed for purposes of customer billing, accounting and employee monitoring.

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