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Equipment Manager is an app for managing the hire, dispatch and return of tools and other equipment, providing a reliable audit trail for all equipment issued.

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    The App

    The Equipment Manager app facilitates the management of equipment and tools as they are checked out or dispatched for use or hire, providing an easy way of monitoring the movement of equipment and instantly reviewing current stock availability. Each item of equipment is given a robust NFC tag to uniquely identify it, and at the hire or dispatch desk, employees use their FX100 (or other contactless reader) to scan the tag.

    The equipment ID, employee ID, location and timestamp are recorded automatically, and the app also enables employees to enter data such as condition, any damage present, and whether the tool needs charging up or servicing. Data is instantly synchronised, making it ideal for use across multiple locations and in busy environments where paper records can often go astray. The app also makes it easy to monitor the history of individual pieces of equipment – and of staff members.

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