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Guard Tour Management is an innovative app utilising contactless technology to provide an efficient, reliable and affordable way of tracking staff along their designated security and inspection routes.

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    The App

    The Guard Tour Management app is the ideal way to produce real-time monitoring and reports of security and inspection staff as they carry out their patrols. Each guard, inspector or contractor carries an FX100 (or other NFC reader), logging in with their own unique identification details.

    NFC tags are installed at key points along the patrol or inspection routes, and staff tap their reader to each tag to prove that they have visited every location on their route. The resulting data-set allows management to monitor the location of each member of staff in real-time, as well as providing a comprehensive record of each person’s patrol times, routes and locations.

    Using this app, managers can more easily schedule guard patrols, respond immediately to any irregularities, identify staff not completing their duties, and prepare a detailed audit trail where required for any subsequent investigation.

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