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Home Alert is a simple but effective app for generating automatic alert messages and sending them out to an unlimited number of email and SMS recipients.

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    The App

    The Home Alert app provides an efficient and effective way of sending out unlimited SMS and email alert messages as soon as an NFC tag is scanned. This is an ideal way of helping to monitor the safety of vulnerable people in a residential setting, such as in the event of a fall or health emergency.

    Home Alert can work in one of two ways: NFC tags can be mounted to fixed positions around the home, and users tap the tags with their FX100 (or other contactless reader or smartphone) to generate an alert. Alternatively, the users can carry NFC tags with them – for example on wearables such as wristbands – with FX100 devices present in various strategic locations. In either scenario, the alert can report the identity and location of the service user, enabling assistance to reach them in the quickest possible timescale

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