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Home Health Care is the perfect system for health visitors to record their attendance, manage their patient caseload and complete work reports.

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    The App

    The Home Health Care app offers an easy and efficient way for nurses and other home care workers to accurately log and record details of their home visits to patients. The app automatically registers the time, location and duration of each client visit, enabling nurses and their managers to keep track of the time spent with each patient, as well as the travelling time between visits.

    This provides an audit log that could prove invaluable in cases of disagreement or complaint about the duration and frequency of visits, or the overall time spent with patients. Missed visits can also be flagged up instantly, enabling managers to take swift contingency action to ensure that the safety of their clients is maintained. Using NFC tags, the app can also record key patient care tasks and ensure the correct patient and contact details are accessed by health visitors.

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