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Hospital Bed Inventory Checker is an essential app for every healthcare facility, revolutionising the tasks of bed and capacity management.

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    The App

    The Hospital Bed Inventory Checker app offers a comprehensive system of management for beds in healthcare facilities, helping to ensure that available beds are identified and located quickly, maximising efficiency and minimising waiting times and discomfort for patients.

    Each bed is identified with its own unique, robust NFC tag, which is scanned with an FX100 (or other contactless reader) by members of the clinical, cleaning or maintenance staff – who log in with their own details. The bed’s movement throughout the facility can then be tracked, and its current status – such as in use, waiting for cleaning, being repaired or available for use – can be instantly reported and remotely checked by healthcare managers via any desktop or mobile device.

    At any given time, the current status of every bed is instantly available, and a detailed audit trail for individual beds can help to improve and optimise maintenance and cleaning programmes

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