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The Labour Time Per Location app makes easy work of monitoring and managing workers in real-time, whatever the size or complexity of the working environment.

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    The App

    The Labour Time Per Location app maintains a constantly updated, real-time record of staff across multiple sites and locations, monitoring the time spent on tasks. By logging their personal details and location information with an automatic timestamp, a complete audit trail for each employee is generated. And because the data is immediately uploaded to a cloud-based system, the current deployment and location of staff can be checked by managers using any mobile device, anytime.

    Staff use their contactless device to scan site-specific NFC tags when they start and finish each job. They can also add photos and other information if necessary, helping to maintain records and evidence of the work completed. The resulting dataset is incredibly useful: it can be easily integrated into staff records, timesheet systems, payroll and billing facilities. It may also provide useful evidence in the case of disputes or staff disciplinary matters.

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