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Library Checkout Manager is a versatile app for efficiently and effectively managing lending across multiple static and mobile library sites.

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    The App

    The Library Checkout Manager app provides an efficient way to manage a library lending system – particularly where it spans multiple remote locations, including mobile libraries and visits to schools, homes and hospitals. Each book, CD or other lending item has its own robust NFC tag attached, which uniquely identifies the title of that item. Library members are issued with their own, personal contactless smartcards, and the borrowing process is quick and effortless, with staff simply scanning both the tag and card with an FX100 (or other NFC reader).

    The app will record the identity of both the borrower and the item, along with a current timestamp and location information. This avoids the risk of either a book or a member being wrongly identified, helping to minimise the risk of lost items. Details are instantly uploaded to the cloud to enable real-time management and availability checking

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