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The Mining Site Attendance app facilitates the management and security of safety-critical industrial mining sites, providing invaluable data for employee monitoring and emergency management.

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    The App

    The Mining Site Attendance app provides an important component of security and safety management systems for mining facilities, as well as providing everything you need to monitor the working time and attendance of mineworkers. Thanks to instant uploading of data to the cloud, mining site managers can gain a current overview of which employees are at each mine site, in real-time. This works across multiple sites and locations, and could prove invaluable in the case of an emergency, when the location of every worker needs to be verified quickly and accurately.

    Mineworkers, inspectors and other personnel entering the mine site will touch their own contactless smartcard to a fixed FX100 (or other reader), and will touch again as they leave, ensuring an accurate record of occupancy is maintained throughout the working day. This record can be accessed remotely by managers via mobile devices at any time.

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