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Road Safety Checklist utilises contactless technology to improve the reliability and thoroughness of highway site inspection reports.

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    The App

    The Road Safety Checklist can help to ensure that condition checks of highway work sites are completed according to schedule, as well as recording information about the inspector’s findings. Robust NFC tags are attached to work zone barriers at the start and end of the inspection area, to ensure that each inspector travels the required area.

    This app helps to ensure the roadworthiness of roadwork sites, and can differentiate between routine inspections, administrative trips, and visits following storm damage or accidents. Detailed site information can be recorded, such as the installation, replacement or cleaning of the site barriers, lighting repair, and the details of traffic incidents.

    NFC tags can be registered via the app, which records the ID and serial number of each user, along with the dates and times they scanned each tag. Inspection logs are compiled automatically, and can be checked and verified by managers remotely.

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