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Security Bag Tracking is an indispensable app for logging and monitoring the transit of sensitive, confidential and high-value goods.

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    The App

    The Security Bag Tracking app provides a simple and cost-effective way of maintaining an audit trail for the transportation of valuable, important, confidential or sensitive items. Each security bag is fitted with a robust, tamper-proof NFC tag, and the app is used to verify the location and contents of the bag at various points during its transport and storage. It can be used to alert administrators in the event of an unexpected delay or missed connection, helping to minimise the risk of loss or theft.

    Personal property, confidential documents, and valuables such as jewellery are just some of the possible uses of this system. In each case, an audit trail showing a chain of custody, updated in real-time, is produced so that any delays or irregularities can be identified and responded to quickly. The app can register new bags and record new location details, as well as automatically recording user login details and timestamps.

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