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The Smoke Detector Inspection app simplifies statutory record keeping for the regular inspection and testing of fire detection equipment.

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    The App

    Property owners and managers have a duty to ensure that smoke detectors in their premises are in full working order, and are regularly inspected and tested. Our Smoke Detector Inspection app can help you to meet your responsibilities by automating the record keeping process and providing a secure, robust audit trail for every inspection.

    NFC tags are attached to detectors, to uniquely identify each piece of equipment. Inspectors log into their FX100 and then scan each tag on their inspection round. They can also use the app to record the current status and condition of each detector. Property managers can easily check whether any inspections have been missed, and get an instant overview of any reported problems within their fire detection system. Not only can this app help you to maintain high-quality records and meet your legal duties, it can also help to save lives.

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