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Toilet Cleaning Report - NFC App



The perfect app for toilet facilities managers to maintain the condition and cleanliness of their conveniences.

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    The App

    The Toilet Cleaning Report app logs cleaning and inspection activities, and is ideal for buildings managers to keep on top of the condition and cleanliness of their facilities. Each toilet facility can have a number of robust NFC tags mounted at key locations, and employees will use their FX100 (or other contactless reader) to scan each tag as they complete their scheduled tasks.

    The app records each employee’s identity, the unique toilet location and a timestamp, enabling managers to keep track of the time spent by each staff member in each convenience. Employees can also use the app to report work carried out, the condition of the premises and any repairs that may be needed.

    This data is automatically uploaded in real-time to the cloud, offering an instant and constantly updated overview of the present condition of every toilet, flagging up issues of concern. This data can also help with staff management and ordering new cleaning supplies.

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