Facebook Check In - NFC Smart Poster

Facebook Check In - NFC Smart Poster


Our generic Facebook Check In 'NFC Smart Poster' allows anyone to tell all there Facebook friends that they were at your location by simply tapping the poster with their NFC Enabled Smartphone.

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QuantityReduced PriceYou Save
600 £2.38Up to £1,518.00
300 £2.45Up to £738.00
250 £2.48Up to £607.50
200 £2.53Up to £476.00
150 £2.57Up to £351.00
100 £2.65Up to £226.00
75 £2.74Up to £162.75
50 £2.92Up to £99.50
25 £3.32Up to £39.75
15 £4.03Up to £13.20

If you require quantities exceeding 1,000 please send your enquiries to info@nfcdirect.co.uk

    Product Information

    If your business is venue based - be it a bar, restaurant, gym, hairdresser or cultural space - you want your customers to act as beacons for your brand. Social media, and in particular the 'check in' function on Facebook, is a perfect channel to spread the word, and our Facebook 'Check In' NFC Smart Posters prompt customers to share their whereabouts.

    Whether you offer an incentive for a quick check in - such as free wi-fi, a discount, or loyalty points - or simply wish to remind customers they can tell their friends about your venue, Facebook 'Check In' NFC Smart Posters make it possible with the swipe of a handset.


    NFC Direct can encode your NFC products ready for when they arrive at your door. If you require your products encoded, please select the encoding type from the drop down list above and upload your encoding data by clicking on the link provided at the end of your checkout on the Payment Confirmation page. Your data can be in a spreadsheet or text document, or you can use our handy Encoding Template (click here to download), which includes six example pages to get you started.

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    Poster Sizes

    • A1 (Height: 84.1cm / Width: 59.4cm) - If you require this size please email: info@nfcdirect.co.uk
    • A2 (Height: 59.4cm / Width: 42cm) - If you require this size please email: info@nfcdirect.co.uk
    • A3 (Height: 42cm / Width: 29.7cm) 
    • A4 (Height: 29.6cm / Width: 21cm)
    • A5 (Height: 21cm / Width: 14.8cm)
    If you require a poster with dimensions different from the options above feel free to send your specific requirements in an email to info@nfcdirect.co.uk

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