Instagram NFC PosterThere was a time when display advertising such as billboards was not only the most prominent form of marketing, it was also the talk of the town. Eva Herzigova's famous advert for Wonderbra was credited for literally stopping traffic in the 1990s. Since then we have seen the birth of the digital era.

Even in the internet age, it is hard to deny the power of display advertising to turn heads. There are few forms of marketing which are so indiscriminate; there to be seen by male and female, old and young, at any time of the day or night. Target display advertising in the right places, and you have an effective marketing ploy. But what if we could combine the mass exposure afforded by display advertising with the instant interaction which the younger generations have become accustomed to?

Work smarter, not harder

Social Media NFC Smart Posters do exactly that, allowing display advertising to do its primary job of turning heads, before they come into their own, engaging consumers. Once their attention has been grabbed by a poster, with the swipe of a smartphone, users can now get straight online for more information, enter competitions, or 'follow' or 'like' a specific Social Media account or page.

Less is more

The beauty of Social Media NFC Smart Posters is that they leave display advertising to do what it is best at - attract attention. Now there is no need for a jam-packed section of small print at the bottom of posters, leaving passers-by squinting as they try to take it all in. Any supplementary information can be given via social media once a smartphone user has touched their handset against the NFC tag incorporated within the poster. This method of 'teasing' information can actually have more of an impact and encourage engagement.