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At NFC Direct we offer a wealth of options for you to choose from if you are looking for innovative, cutting-edge technology to market your products and services. Using NFC Tags in posters, business cards and promotional material will allow your clients and customers to use their smartphones to receive all the information you want them to have.  

All you need to do is order the products that best suit your campaign(s); all your customers have to do is tap their smartphone to that product and they will instantly have access to all your details and any marketing strategies you plan to use. Take a look at the NFC products and services that we have to offer.

With any of the marketing products listed below we can provide analytics on how well your marketing campaign is performing with our TapThat™ platform. For more info on TapThat™ please scroll further down the page.

NFC Smart Posters 

Posters no longer have to be just static attention grabbers; with NFC Tags they become an information centre with maps, product descriptions, and links to websites and video material.
Because they are interactive, these posters can collect data on activity levels, providing you with real-time data for site and creative evaluation.
Smart posters are ideal for making the most of initial and impulsive interest show by passers-by. The instant transfer of information such as location or special offers quickly turns interest into action.
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NFC Business Cards

In these highly competitive times every marketing tool we have has to work harder and harder; and for the humble business card, NFC powers it back to centre stage of our communications arsenal.
With just the tap of a smartphone, today’s NFC business card directs the customer to a landing page of multi-media access to offers, services and advice in the same split second that it has fulfilled its heritage role of simply exchanging contact details.
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FC Marketing Products

Whilst posters and business cards are a very useful way to capture the attention of passing trade and potential customers, there is a wide range of products that you could use with NFC technology. NFC beer mats, table tents, wristbands, keyfobs, special offer or discount cards: all can be used to target your customers and give them the information they need to prompt them to get in touch.
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TapThat logoNFC Directs TapThat™ offers you a complete NFC marketing solution.  We can provide you with as much support as you need or want to create, set up and manage NFC Tags in promotional adverts, posters, business cards, vouchers, wristbands and so on.  Those tags will allow potential customers to ‘TapThat™’ and instantly access all the details and information they need. 


TapThat™ Products and Services: How We Can Help

If you are looking for a new marketing strategy using NFC technology, we can create the back end complete with all the information you want to pass on to a customer. 

TapThat™ works by linking customers to a landing page or part of a website of your choice that contains all the information that you want the consumer to receive.

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Your landing page(s) could include:

          • Promotional games and competitions;
          • Your company’s App;
          • Details of special offers or promotions;
          • Information about your products (e.g. restaurant menu, recipes, prices, deals, colour options);
          • Video and audio downloads;
          • Relevant information (e.g. store locations, opening hours, contact information);
          • Voucher collection and redemption;
          • Loyalty programmes.


In addition to adding detail to your landing page(s) and making sure your customers will see the right information when they tap, we can also print and supply the marketing material you want to contain the tags.  For example we can design, produce and print the following with NFC Tags: Posters (HERE), Stickers, Flyers, Table tents, Adverts, Business cards, Marketing cards, Beer mat, Wristbands, Keyfobs, And so on...


TapThat™ Products and Services: Monitoring Your Campaign

Our TapThat™ service comes complete with ways to monitor how well your campaign is doing.

This information can be provided through reports (standard or tailor-made) online and, if you need, the raw information data can be examined through Excel and PDF.

We can provide you with details of:

          • how many times your NFC Tags have been tapped;
          • which locations received how many taps;
          • which types of phones were used to tap;
          • how many taps led to follow up calls or contacts;
          • what times of day yielded most taps;
          • which loyalty programmes are most effective at producing repeat business.
This information can prove valuable in planning future campaigns.


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We believe that digital advertising is something that customers are already coming to expect from businesses. They want an easy and instant way to access data through their smartphones and this is exactly what NFC marketing provides. Please feel free to get in touch with us or enquire using the contact form below, to discuss your needs or with any questions you might have about our NFC products and services.

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