NFC Print Options & Printing

Below is a list of our printing options that can accommodate a wide range of needs; from single figure orders to bulk printing which covers hundreds of thousands, and even millions of NFC Products. Call us on +44 (0)1375 378 052, email us at or add on Skype to discuss your requirements in detail.

NFC Printing

ID Numbering Print

Many of our NFC Products - from NFC Tags to NFC Cards and Workplace NFC Tags - can benefit from ID Numbering Print, which allows NFC Tags to be individually identified. We can print directly onto the surface of a Tag (in black), clearly displaying an ID which matches a Tag's encoding and allows it to be referenced quickly.

Our NFC ID Print service typically displays an ID which is a unique alphanumeric or numeric sequence. This provides a visual representation of the data which is encoded to the Tag. Simply supply the ID info and the data to be encoded in a spreadsheet, and our NFC ID Print service will provide the finished product.

Depending on requirements, some of our customers require the printed ID Number to be the 14 digit alphanumeric UID number that we would retreive directly from the NFC Tag itself, and then print this UID number on the surface of the NFC Product so you would be able to visibly see the number you would be scanning when using the NFC fucntionality.

How to select the ID Numbering Print option on a product page:

To select the ID Numbering Print option on a product page simply select 'Variable ID Numbering' in the drop down under 'QR or Barcode / ID Numbering Print'.

Barcode Print

Barcode Print allows many of our NFC Products to be individually identified, displaying a sequence on your NFC Products. This offers an easy reference for a number of purposes. These alphanumeric or numeric sequences can vary according to each unique NFC Product.

We offer the choice of an NFC Barcode Print in a simple shortened format which allows for quick identification, or a longer version. To take advantage of our NFC Barcode Print service, all you need to do is send us a spreadsheet containing the barcode information.

How to select the Barcode Print option on a product page:

Select 'Variable QR or Barcode' in the drop down under 'QR or Barcode / ID Numbering Print'. To have both Barcode Print and ID Numbering Print, you will need to select 'Both'.

QR Code Print

QR Code Print along with the NFC functionality on products gives consumers two options to retrieve information via either using a camera on the QR Code or tapping onto the NFC chip. The information received from the consumer could be a simple URL or some text. 
QR Code print also offers the easy individual identification of NFC Products, with the printing of an alphanumeric or numeric sequence. In this way, NFC QR Code Print allows for easy cross-referencing.

We require that customers send a spreadsheet with two simple columns - one for the QR Code information, and one for the data to be encoded (if required).

How to select the QR Code Print option on a product page:

Select 'Variable QR or Barcode' in the drop down under 'QR or Barcode / ID Numbering Print'. To have both QR Code Print and ID Numbering Print, you will need to select 'Both'.

Black Custom Print

We provide an option for only black logos and artwork to be printed onto NFC Tags and other products, offering a way to reinforce brand identity. This includes NFC logos and text which provides a call to action such as website or social media links. Logos and artwork can be accompanied by QR print and ID Numbering print, depending on the preferences of the customer, for a supplementary cost. If you aren't sure whether your logo or artwork will be conducive to printing on a NFC Product, just send us an attachment in an email and we will let you know if it is suitable.

How to select the Black Custom Print option on a product page:

Select 'Black Custom Print' in the drop down under 'Print Option'. For all other products, this will come under 'One Colour Single Side' or 'Full Colour Custom Print' in the same drop down called 'Print Option'.

Full Colour Custom Print

For a selection of NFC products - such as NFC Tags & On Metal NFC Tags, NFC Custom Labels, NFC Smart Posters and more - we provide full colour print.

One Colour Custom Print

This option provides one colour print of logos or artwork and is available for a selection of our Workplace NFC Tags, NFC Wristbands and more. This option is ideal for products which are not able to display full colour custom print, but can have one colour, whether it is blue, white, black, yellow etc.

Artwork requirements

Please ensure any artwork which is sent to us is in a vector based file format - e.g. .pdf, .eps or .ai

If it is not possible to use a vector file, artwork should have a resolution of over 300dpi. Text must be in outline or curve form. In order to avoid colour shifts, CMYK mode should be used for saving graphic files.

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