LF Smart Glass Tag

LF Smart Glass Tag



Tag which offers a unique robustness and flexibility.

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    Product Information

    For organisations operating in the industrial and logistics sectors, the LF Smart Glass Tag offers the opportunity to protect RFID technology with a glass shell which has been designed for its robustness.

    Users have the option of using a range of integrable circuit technologies, making it suitable for processes which involve manufacturing, tight production controls and stock control. High reading performance can be achieved by the LF Smart Glass Tag, even in tough environments, with its transponder being protected from elements such as humidity and chemical influences. Its small size lends the LF Smart Glass Tag to use with metal objects, opening up a world of LF possibilities which allow business processes and operational efficiency to be enhanced significantly.

    Integrated Circuit (IC): HTS2048 / EM 4305

    Operating Frequency: 125 kHz

    Dimension: 2.12 x 12mm / 3.15 x 13.3mm / 3.85 x 23mm

    Operational Temperature: -40 to 85°C

    Stock Temperature: -40 to 90°C


    • Robotics, maintenance, reusable products
    • Gas cylinder and identification key
    • Pay for vending machine
    • Tools and metallic parts
    • Chemical industry
    • Pharmacy


    • Very small form factor
    • Various sizes and chips available
    • Reliable read range in harsh environments
    • High resistance
    • Ideal for metallic environments

    International Standards

    • IP68 Immersion


    Please send your enquiries for this product to info@nfcdirect.co.uk


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