WiFi - NFC Smart Poster

WiFi - NFC Smart Poster


Our WiFi NFC Smart Poster allows your customers/attendees to instantly connect to your WiFi Network from a simple tap of their Smartphone.

To proceed with your order please follow the instructions below, under 'What To Do Next'

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Quantity discounts

QuantityReduced PriceYou Save
600 £2.38Up to £1,518.00
300 £2.45Up to £738.00
250 £2.48Up to £607.50
200 £2.53Up to £476.00
150 £2.57Up to £351.00
100 £2.65Up to £226.00
75 £2.74Up to £162.75
50 £2.92Up to £99.50
25 £3.32Up to £39.75
15 £4.03Up to £13.20

If you require quantities exceeding 1,000 please send your enquiries to info@nfcdirect.co.uk

    Product Information

    This fantastic WiFi NFC Smart Poster allows users to instantly connect to your WiFi Network via a Tap of their Android* Smartphone. This poster works well in:

    • Hotels
    • Restaurants
    • Bars
    • Clubs
    • Exhibitions
    • Concerts
    • Events
    • Festivals

    *All Android, Windows and Backberry Smartphones have the capability of connecting instanly. Currently, all Apple Smartphones do not have this capability. 

    What To Do Next

    Type A: WIFI Poster  Type B: NFC Wifi Poster

    Please select the drop-down's above including the which 'Type' of poster, 'Authentication Type' and the 'Encryption Type' of your network.
    These are normally 'Open' and 'None', but you may have different settings. 
    Once you have completed this, please proceed with your order as normal.

    After the order is complete please send the following details to info@nfcdirect.co.uk

    • Network SSID (Username)
    • WLAN-MAC (if applicable)
    • Network Password

    These are found on the back of your router.

    Poster Sizes

    • A1 (Height: 84.1cm / Width: 59.4cm) - If you require this size please email: info@nfcdirect.co.uk
    • A2 (Height: 59.4cm / Width: 42cm) - If you require this size please email: info@nfcdirect.co.uk  
    • A3 (Height: 42cm / Width: 29.7cm) 
    • A4 (Height: 29.6cm / Width: 21cm)
    • A5 (Height: 21cm / Width: 14.8cm)
    If you require a poster with dimensions different from the options above feel free to send your specific requirements in an email to info@nfcdirect.co.uk

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